Essays can be a tangled affair even for a capable college student. Many of the students feel wasted, stressed and confused when they are given to write an essay. There are different rules to implement for every type of the essay, and it could be crucial to set them in order. If in future you get an essay to write or if you work with a cheap essay writer service, just look over these four types of essays and learn the rules to implement on the essay.




  1. Expository Essay
  2. The Expository essay is a type of academic writing in which you should inquire about the topic by using facts, data, and examples. The purpose of the expository essay is to analyze the logical terms and suitable information on the given topic. This is included in the daily requirements of many careers. Following are the steps that can be considered to write an expository essay.
  • Generally has a five-paragraph structure.
  • Told in a third person aspect.
  • Offers a solution to the problem.
  • You should include the main statement in the introductory paragraph. It should be one compact sentence that explains the main term of the story.
  • All paragraphs should cover a point that relates to the topic.
  1. Descriptive Essay

In descriptive essay use the 5 senses of taste, sound, sight, touch, and smell, because the writer needs to create a clear image of the topic. The college essay writing is a common example of descriptive writing. Learning to sell something using brilliant language and absorbing points will help to master the descriptive essay. The steps to writing descriptive essays are:


  • Requires descriptive and creative writing skills.
  • Could be told in first, second, or third person.
  • Includes 3 to 5 paragraphs.
  • Use 5 senses to provide the details.
  1. Narrative Essay

The narrative essay includes the story about something. The narratives essay further divided into short stories and book reports. This writing type takes a different road from usual “research and analysis” style. The guidelines about the narrative essay are:


  • You should use the plots and characters of the story if you are writing the narrative essay in a story style.
  • If you are writing in a book report format, it should be an enlightening narrative of the book.
  • Just like expository, narrative essays should include concrete ideas.
  • Make sure you should stick to the point till the end.
  1. Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay is similar to the expository essay, from thesis statements to layouts. This also contains five paragraphs, and the topic will be given and evaluating evidence should be collected. The different thing is that the persuasive essay includes your personal opinion over the evidence explained. The Student should also use ethos, pathos, and logos. The tips to develop persuasive essay are:


  • Present the essay in a format like debate.
  • Could be told in first or third person.
  • Includes 4 or 5 paragraph structure.
  • Uses personal opinions as points in an argument.
  • Find the most dependable evidence for opposing the view.

These are the 4 major types of essay that will help you to write an essay according to the tips, and the guidelines mentioned above